Serving the Southwest with 46 years of Broadcast Engineering Experience

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  • Dennis Gilliam served 25 years as Chief Engineer for top 5 market NPR stations
  • Director of Engineering for the first duopoly network
  • Engineering consultant for one of the largest radio chains in Mexico

Contact information:

If you have a broadcast engineering emergency, call me direct, at 602-710-0803


Transmitter Installation

Signals has some of the best fabrication and construction skills in the business.  From artful installation of heavy RF plumbing, to beautiful racks of equipment with quality wiring, innovative solutions to site problems has become our hallmark.  We own and maintain all the necessary test gear, power tools, and reference library to facilitate any job.  Signals also has an on-staff licensed commercial electrician in the state of Arizona to aid in getting your new transmitter done turn-key and fast.

Transmitter Site Renovation

Do you have an older building that has either suffered damage or is just too small for your plans?  Not only can we take care of all your transmission needs, but our building contractor will promptly get it done to your specifications.

Transmitter Site Relocation

Have a site sitting on what now is a “hot” property?  Let Signals get it moved seamlessly to a new location and your listeners will never know when it happened, keeping your broadcast cash flow intact AND allowing you to cash in on the land value.

Full Tower Services

Bonded, insured, and professional, our careful and environmentally conscious workers are ready to start on your project and get it done on time.

Broadcast IT Service

We have on staff some of the best broadcast related IT minds.  We are fully versed with all automation, PPM, streaming, and HD systems.

Studio Build-out

If you have a location, we can turn in into a great facility, on time and in budget.

Studio Upgrades

Need to modernize or expand?  We can do it.

AM Directional Tuneups

Has an FCC inspection shown deficiencies in your DA pattern?  Maybe Mother Nature played a trick and now your monitor points are off.  Please call us.

NRSC and FCC Measurements

We can help you comply with the latest rulemakings.

Standby generator expertise in-house

For Sale:

  • Transmitter Components–We stock a large inventory of RF and transmitter parts, call us if you have needs.
  • Vintage Electronics
  • Western Electric
  • DIY Components
  • HAM
  • HI-FI

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8 comments on “Serving the Southwest with 46 years of Broadcast Engineering Experience

  1. Dick Miller says:

    Hi Dennis:
    Your website and information is very nice and impressive. Enjoyed our meeting on Thursday.
    Thank you for nice lunch also.
    Dick Miller

  2. Billy Yates says:

    Great site. Looking forward to more pictures and content.
    “Life is too short for QRP”
    Billy Yates

  3. Thanks for all the help in getting me up and running in an unfamiliar field (ie hollow state electronics).

  4. Jim Anderson says:

    Thank you Dennis! Your support in restoring KGHR Navajo Radio to broadcast was a Herculean effort. The Navajo Nation is forever in your debt. Ahéhee’ (Thank You!)

  5. kathy gaboury says:

    Looking a little scruffy…….
    Damn, Dennis………….,……..
    Everyday of your life, you have to know how proud daddy was of you and how much he loved you….. you were the only person in the world that he believed surpassed his intelligence……..
    xox my friend….

    • Thanks so much for your post, kid. Your dad was the man that got me started in radio, and was always the ‘go to guy’ in times of need. He taught me well on many fronts, and I’ll never be able to repay that.


  6. Dick Parks says:

    Been watching your site for a while now. You do good work, too! And thanks for your good words – Dick Parks

  7. Johnathan Hodgson says:

    Love your site very interesting. I’ll catch you on the air.

    73 Johnathan Hodgson N8QPC

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